united states

The Western United States – Pacific Ocean, The Artic, Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada.


Alaska. For some it´s just an awefully cold environment and too far away. For others it´s unspoiled, pure nature, high mountains and huge glaciers. Alaska is the largest State in the US. Denali (Mt. McKinley) is the highest mountain on the North American Continent. 


Washington State is a mountain State and a Coastal State as well. Home of Mts. Rainier, Mt. Baker, Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, the legendary Mt. St. Helens and others. And it´s home of the Olympic National Park with the Olympic Range, Rain Forests and a spectacular coast line. Not to forget the big cities like Seattle and others.


Wyoming is a typical mountain state. Two thirds of the territory is covered by the Eastern Rocky Mountains and the other third is high elevation prairie. The most famous features of the state are the two National Parks – Yellowstone and Grand Teton. Another worthwhile-seeing attraction is the Beartooth Highway, east of Yellowstone.


Oregon´s landscape is diverse, with a windswept Pacific coastline and a vulcano-studded Cascade Range – and much more. Mount Hood is the state´s highest point (3425 m) and Crater Lake National Park is Oregon´s only National Park.


California is mainly known for its wonderful beaches, the rugged coastline at Big Sur
and its mega cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. But there is awesome landscape, too. Like the
two National Parks, Lassen N.P. and – of course – Yosemite N.P.