West Canada – British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon Territories and Metro Vancouver


In 1792 Captain George Vancouver explored the area around the Strait of Georgia. The first settlement (Garnville) was installed when the goldrush began.1886 the City of Vancouver was founded. The boom came with the railway, that was built across the Continent from East to West. Vancouver is blessed with its class A location at the English Bay. The view from one of the many beaches goes right away to the Coast Mountains. Vancouver is known for the tolerance of its citizens towards immigrants and minorities. 


British Columbia is the „Ocean & Mountain Province“ of Canada. The rugged or beachy Pacific Coast and the mountains from west (Coast Mountains) to east (Rockies are real treasures which draw Canadian outdoor freaks and visitors from all over the world as well.


Alberta. Home of the Canadian Rockies from Banff in the South to Jasper in the North. The National & Provincial Parks are true hiking gems. 


The Yukon Territories is the westernmost Province in Canada. Mt. Logan in the Kluane National Park is the highest mountain in Canada and the second highest (after Denali) in the continent. The climate is artic.